Saturday, February 10


So, you are in my English class and you have found my blog. What now?? Well keep in mind that this is a place where we can think out loud (so to speak) about what has been going on in our classroom. Where we can discuss the texts that we have been reading. Where we can comment on ideas that have been raised in previous discussions that you have had more time to think about.
It is also a place where English students from other classes can also comment on texts and the ideas that they may have raised.

First of all the introductory texts : Stealing and Valentine - thoughts and comments?

I've been a bit slow setting this up - sooooo - include any thoughts on War Photographer, Dossy and Internal Assessment (Yr 12).

Which texts did you enjoy or not enjoy? Which texts had the most impact? Which was the hardest to understand? Why?

Any questions you'd like to ask about the texts?

Go for it....